KTM Keiton Traffic Management is one of the UK’s leading providers of Traffic Management Consultancy and providers of premium quality, easy to read traffic management drawings

We create plans to suit all needs from basic lane closures, through to complex road closures and diversions on public highways and standard and relaxed closures on the UK’s busiest motorways.

KTM’s fully qualified CAD technicians design traffic management schemes in accordance with the 2009 Chapter 8 Traffic Signs Manual. The drawings are subsequently checked and passed by our UK Network of LANTRA Traffic Safety and Control Officers before being forwarded to our customers.

KTM’s specialist service operates in five core areas:

  • Consultancy
  • Site Meetings
  • Traffic Management Drawings
  • Vehicle Swept Path Analysis Drawings (VSP)
  • Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO)

Our mission is to carry out our works professionally, quickly, effectively and efficiently, creating a safe environment for both the workforce and the public alike, whilst minimising traffic congestion.

Pay by Card 

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